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Event Production

As the Owner/Promoter of the Northern California Blues Festival, Jason Haxton knows what it takes to make an event successful. With experience in all aspects of event production, planning, and coordination, Jason Haxton and his team at JHP will make your event the best it can be while sticking to the budget.

Live Recording Production


Specializing in digital multi-track recording at the venue of your choice. 


We use Apple MacBook Pro based 32-track systems recording at 48KHz/24-bit through MOTU digital audio interfaces. Tracks are written to Firewire 800 Glyph Professional Rackmount Hard Disk Drives. Recording, editing, mixing, and mastering software toolsets includes Ableton Live, Sound Forge, and Pro Tools.


Our systems are compatible with nearly any mixer through available direct outs or insert channels, or a mix of feeds from the house board and direct into the MOTU units in cases where more channels are needed for the recording than for the house mix.


Nothing shows what you or your band is capable of better than a live performance. Capture your energy and show off who you really are. 

Get that Demo done on a budget by having it recorded live when you're getting paid to play instead of paying for studio space and time. 

If you've just finished a live performance that blew away your fans, they're going to want to buy a live CD. Give them what they want! 


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Featured Videos

Zac Harmon featuring Jimmy Z on Harmonica

Wow!! This sounds [explitive] great! One of the best live mixes I've heard in a while. - Jimmy Z













Pro AudioUnit and VST plugins

Featured Song

Todd Snider's D.B. Cooper, Recorded Live at Marylin's on K in Sacramento, CA.



"Your work on Mighty Mike's 'Live Set' is brilliant.  I'm so glad you were on board.  Thanks for capturing my (and everybody's) sound so beautifully." - Paul Revelli (Drummer for the Mighty Mike Schermer Band)


"You managed to capture his magic.... Your recordings are far superior quality to the majority I hear!" - Heather Smith (Gold Mountain Entertainment) representing Todd Snider


"I thought the sound was great - perfect volume - shortly after the start I could hear all the vocals great, the mix was perfect - and you were on  the solos -  not to mention it is such a pleasure to work with you & your great crew!!!" - Scott Holbrook of Keep Smilin' Promotions

Featured Venues


Po'Boyz Bar&Grill


Fox Theater Redwood City


Marilyn's on K


The West Coast Brew Fest


Beatnik Studios


Northern California Blues Festival


Concert on the Greens





Alyssa Murphy Productions


Keep Smilin' Promotions































Featured Artist

Venues and Festivals, please consider Groundwave, Northern California's Great Classic to Current Rock and Roll Dance Band!