bulletBasic - Onsite Digital Multi-Track Recording (up to 32 tracks).  Digital (internet) delivery of the resulting raw wave files. Normally, this service is chosen if the artist has access to their own studio facilities and are not concerned with anything more than getting the raw multi-track audio for their own production process.


bulletBasic Plus - Basic service plus a rough mix of two songs (up to 10 minutes total) for a preview of the quality of work. This service is a good choice if you need to pass off the tracks to a studio engineer and want to verify portions of the performance and recording prior to handing off the tracks to a studio and committing further resources to the project.


bulletStandard - Includes multi-track recording and raw track internet delivery (the basic service) plus a two-pass mixdown and mastering of the show, broken into banter tracks and song tracks. By "two-pass" we mean one pass to get baseline levels/panning and standard basic effects (EQ/Compression/Reverb mostly) applied, and a second pass after a critical listening to the first pass in order to apply any changes to the baseline adjustments as well as to apply broad-stroke tuning to solo sections and such. The result will be a very listen-able product suitable for performance archiving and review, MySpace MP3 postings, promo packs, and gig-prep CDs for subs. Artists occasionally find that a subset of songs from this service are retail CD ready without any further work.


bulletFull Service - Standard service plus the full range of production services, including (but not limited to) re-tracking, overdubbing, detailed editing, etc.


bulletBroadcast Mixing - Live mixing exclusively for broadcast with the same system used for onsite multi-track recording and studio editing. Why work with a two-track board feed for broadcast when you can have the a separate mix tuned for broadcast, and do so without impacting the house mix? Raw track archiving is also performed, making the material available for perfecting in post should the event be slated for rebroadcast, DVD release, etc. 
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